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Anysense.API.Client.V1 Namespace

To get started, call one of the following methods:
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.Create
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.CreateAsync
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.CreateWithToken
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.CreateWithTokenAsync
See Anysense.API.Client.Shared.BaseClient<T> for documentation on these methods.
Public classApiClient
Main class for getting access to the Anysense API
Public classAutoNumberClient
Manages AutoNumbers
Public classClientsClient
Public classDataClient
Gains access to data
Public classExpressionClient
Manages regular expressions
Public classFiltersClient
Manages DataFilters
Public classFormsClient
Manages Forms
Public classGroupsClient
Manages Groups
Public classMediasClient
Handles media access
Public classReportsClient
Handles downloading of reports
Public classUsersClient