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GroupsClient Class

To get started, call one of the following methods:
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.Create
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.CreateAsync
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.CreateWithToken
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.CreateWithTokenAsync
See Anysense.API.Client.Shared.BaseClient<T> for documentation on these methods.
Manages Groups
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Anysense.API.Client.V1
Assembly: Anysense.API.Client (in Anysense.API.Client.dll) Version: 1.29.8-dev
public class GroupsClient : ApiHandler<ApiClient>

The GroupsClient type exposes the following members.

Public methodDelete Deletes a group
Public methodDeleteAsync Deletes a group
Public methodGet Returns a single group
Public methodGetAsync Returns a single group
Public methodGetList Returns all groups
Public methodGetListAsync Returns all groups
Public methodIsGroupDescriptionAvailable Checks if group name is taken
Public methodIsGroupDescriptionAvailableAsync Checks if group name is taken
Public methodSave Updates or adds a group
Public methodSaveAsync Updates or adds a group
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