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BaseClientTSetAnysenseDbVersion Method

To get started, call one of the following methods:
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.Create
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.CreateAsync
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.CreateWithToken
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.CreateWithTokenAsync
See Anysense.API.Client.Shared.BaseClient<T> for documentation on these methods.
If the client is used for caching data, then it is recommendable to store the current Database version. Use this method to set the current version before any requests to the Api

Namespace: Anysense.API.Client.Shared
Assembly: Anysense.API.Client.Shared (in Anysense.API.Client.Shared.dll) Version: 1.29.2-dev
public void SetAnysenseDbVersion(
	string anysenseDbVersion


anysenseDbVersion  String
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