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BaseClientTCreateWithTokenAsync Method

To get started, call one of the following methods:
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.Create
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.CreateAsync
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.CreateWithToken
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.CreateWithTokenAsync
See Anysense.API.Client.Shared.BaseClient<T> for documentation on these methods.
Crates an instance of the ApiClient with a manually obtained access token

Namespace: Anysense.API.Client.Shared
Assembly: Anysense.API.Client.Shared (in Anysense.API.Client.Shared.dll) Version: 1.29.2-dev
public static Task<T> CreateWithTokenAsync(
	string token,
	string agreementSubdomain,
	string callingAssemblyName = null,
	string callingAssemblyVersion = null


token  String
The access token used for bearer authentication
agreementSubdomain  String
Sub domain to the Anysense agreement
callingAssemblyName  String  (Optional)
Name of the program that uses the API client
callingAssemblyVersion  String  (Optional)
Version of the program that uses the API client

Return Value

Task that returns the ApiClient
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