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ReportsClientGetByClientIdAsync(Guid, Int64, Guid, String, Stream) Method

To get started, call one of the following methods:
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.Create
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.CreateAsync
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.CreateWithToken
  • Anysense.API.Client.V1.ApiClient.CreateWithTokenAsync
See Anysense.API.Client.Shared.BaseClient<T> for documentation on these methods.
Generates a report for a specific data row.

Namespace: Anysense.API.Client.V1
Assembly: Anysense.API.Client (in Anysense.API.Client.dll) Version: 1.29.8-dev
public Task<FileResult> GetByClientIdAsync(
	Guid templateId,
	long versionId,
	Guid clientId,
	string language,
	Stream targetStream


templateId  Guid
The id of the template to use for the report
versionId  Int64
The VersionId of the given form version
clientId  Guid
The ClientId of the data to genreate an report for
language  String
The name of the culture that should be used for formatting. Eg. "da" or "en".
targetStream  Stream

Return Value

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